Elyse & Sebastian

Hoping to Adopt (New York)


And, of course, fall in New York is fantastic!
We have plenty of snow in the winter. It makes our home look like a gingerbread house for Christmas.
In 2019, we saw the Taj Mahal in India. It was an incredible experience.
As a philosopher, Sebastian became a minister with the Universal Life Church to marry his cousin Jason to Marie for a surprise wedding in Seattle.
The September Honors retreat in the mountains on the lake with our students and colleagues. Here we are on the boat. It is a little cold out.
More parties with friends and loved ones.
And - more books!
To get away from the cold, we sometimes travel to the beach. Often, we visit family in Florida.
We love to host parties with friends and loved ones. Here is the bier garden style Sebastian and a friend put together for our backyard gatherings.
We love to travel
We love to read books
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