Rebecca & Justin

Hoping to Adopt (Delaware)


Day Trips

We were fortunate to get to spend one of the beautiful days we had this week in Washington D.C. We love getting to visit different cities and go site seeing. We are lucky that we live so close to many major cities, Washington, D.C. just being one of them, with so much interesting culture and history that we can visit for the day. As we walked around the city, we talked about how we cannot wait to take our children to visit these places with us. We cannot wait for them to learn about history and culture while enjoying the cities.


Throughout the process we have started to gather items together in anticipation of our future child or children. This weekend we began setting up some of the items in the nursery now that we have finished painting it. From the beginning, we had decided to do a "bumble bee" themed nursery. We enjoy planting our flower and vegetable garden so the bumble bee theme came from that. Our friends and family have been extremely supportive and excited during this process and have helped contribute to the nursery theme. My friends from work surprised me with a baby blanket they hand made with bumble bees (draped over the crib) and a matching hat for the baby. Every time someone comes across any item with a bumble bee on it, they pick it up for the baby's room. 

Our Promises

Words cannot express how grateful we are that you would take moments out of your day to learn more about us. We are in awe of your selflessness and the love you have for your child. The only way we know how to thank you is to end this time with some promises. If you choose us to parent your child, we promise to always love them without bounds. We know there will be ups and downs, but you have our commitment to support and encourage them through it all. We promise to raise your child to know what an amazing person you are and that we honor the role you play in their life. We want them to be proud of their story and know they came from love. We promise your baby will grow up knowing the value of family and that the Lord has a purpose for their life. If God leads you to the path of parenting, then your child will be blessed to have an amazing mother like you. We cannot wait to meet you and are praying for you.

Meet Winston

Winston is our Black Lab who is 5 years old. We got him shortly after getting married. Justin's cousin's dog had puppies and she did not know what to do with all of them. We happily picked him up and brought him home with us. He is a big teddy bear, is sweet to everyone he meets and is all around a great dog. He does think he is a small dog however and always wants to cuddle or sit on our laps. Winston loves to go swimming either in the ponds near us or in the ocean. He enjoys going for walks and playing fetch with the tennis ball. He gets to spend a lot of time going to the "bark park" where he can run around with other dogs and go swimming with them. His favorite day of the week is "eggy Sunday," as my mom calls it. We go over to my parents house every Sunday for brunch and the dogs always get a plate of eggs too.

This is Home

We live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom ranch house. Our neighborhood is small, however we are surrounded by lots of neighborhoods. We have a big yard where there is plenty of room to play. We have many local playgrounds, parks, and swim clubs near us. We love the area we live in because we are also close to our family, close to work, and it's a safe place to raise a family. Our favorite spot in the house is our deck. We love sitting in the back and grilling together. We also enjoy watching our dog play in the open space and throwing balls for him! It's a great place to entertain family and friends, especially during the warmer months. Our house truly feels like HOME!

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